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cello 4/4, Europees esdoorn & sparren, gepatineerde lak


De cello wordt perfect speelklaar geleverd met Jargar blauw snaren, het geleverde instrument kan een beetje verschillen met de foto.


Available in size 4/4 this cello serie is made to satisfy any student beginning to feel comfortable around his instrument and requiring better quality materials
Those instruments are a combination of:

• Quality European woods
• The skills of violin makers with long experience in the workplace
• Personally designed model from Scott Cao him self

Those criteria’s create a beautiful cello sound and good playability for the advanced student.
The brown/ amber varnish is oil based with an antique finish with a beautiful golden colour grounding.

All STC17E cellos are hand made with European flamed maple back and sides, European maple neck, European spruce top, ebony fingerboard, pegs and chinrest. Those instruments are setup in the main workplace in Guangzhou with steel strings, simple bridge and finetuners tailpiece.

A very complete instrument for a higher step in the world of professional music playing

Scott Cao Conservatory Cello 4/4 STC17E

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