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Cello Vik Vandamme 2024

Building Period

Start: Oktober 2023

End: February 2024




Personal model Vik Vandamme

Back, scroll and ribs: High quality flamed maple. The back has small wings.
Top: fine grained spruce. Lots of bearclaw
Fittings: corene fingerboard, geared Perfection planetary pegs and an ebony tailpiece. Bender endpin with carbon rod. Spirocore C and G, larsen soloist D and A

Oil varnish: I went with a nice dark goldenbrown color with high transparency and depth.

The cello comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Vik Vandamme cello 2024 Front side
Vik Vandamme cello 2024 Back Side .JPG
Vik Vandamme cello 2024 Crown Close.JPG
Vik Vandamme 2024 Front Side Close.JPG
Vik Vandamme cello 2024 Back Side close.JPG
Vik Vandamme cello 2024 Scroll Front.JPG
Vik Vandamme Cello 2024 Scroll Side.JPG
Vik Vandamme cello 2024 Scroll Back.JPG
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