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Advantages of geared pegs.

Advantages of geared pegs.

Vik Vandamme Violin 2023

Violin Vik Vandamme 2023: 
Fitted with Perfection pegs
Swiss Model

Geared pegs, why?

Advantages of geared pegs.

- Precise, fast and smooth tuning for violin, viola and cello

- Effortless, stable tuning by turning the head.

- Excellent tuning accuracy.

- Self-locking gear: no sudden detuning of the instrument.

- Humidity resistant: no jumping, no jammed peg.

- No wear on the peg hole.

- Long-term reliability

- No finetuners needed on the tailpiece

Perfection pegs

Transmission ratio of 4 to 1 compared to a conventional peg.
Adjust finetuning by pushing the head in and out.

Planetary gears of high tensil steel in a shaft of aircraft-grade aluminium and Delrin nylon. 
With ebony, rosewood or abs synthetic  head.
Available in Swiss or Hill model.


Includes 4 Pegs + Installation

ABS Swiss: €300/€360
Ebony Swiss: €375/€400
Ebony Hill: €375/€400
Rosewood Swiss: €390/€420
Rosewood Hill: €390/€420


Ebony Swiss: €435
Ebony Hill: €435
Rosewood Swiss: €450
Rosewood Hill: €450

Wittner tuning pegs

Transmission ratio of 8,5 to 1 compared to a conventional peg.

Hi -Tec composiet, only available in Swiss design.

Choose between a black head, or a rosewood imitation head.


Includes 4 Pegs + Installation

Rosewood imitation: €350/€410


Black: €350
Rosewood imitation:€440

Installation procedure

Pre check

Installation day

This is so I can see if the peg holes on your instrument is not already too big to fit the geared pegs. If so, bushings are needed first to make the peg hole smaller again. 
If your instruments suits, we can discuss the different options.
I have a few models in stock, but it is possible that I don't have the correct width available. If so, I'll measure the peg holes and order the shaft that suits your instrument.

If possible, we try to arange the meeting in the morning. 
Fitting the pegs correctly takes me a few, so the instrument should be ready to be picked up the same day. I'll give an explanation on how to use the pegs properly, and you're ready to enjoy!

My own opinion

Personally, I'm a big fan of these geared pegs. 

I know it's not traditional and therefore not so obvious to take the step. Once the musician tries it out, they're really positive about the system. With a little bit of trying, you'll get the feeling of the pegs and tuning will be a joy.

I always use the perfection pegs for my own violins and cellos. 
Mainly because the wood of my scroll doesn't wear, but also because of all the things mentioned above. I only see advantages of using a geared system.

Most retail violins I have in my shop are fitted with the Wittner tuning pegs. They look a bit less realistic (plastic) then the Perfection ones.
It's a matter of taste and what suits your budget.


If you're interested to see if your instrument is suited for geared pegs, please make an appointment and we can discuss your needs!

Hope to see you soon!

Vik Vandamme Violin 2023
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